List of the best Android Backend as a Service (BaaS) provider

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of Backend as a service (BaaS) that you could use to power up your Android apps and games. A Backend Service provides mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage while also providing features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services.

Android Backend as a Service (BaaS) provider.

1. Parse.comparseWith Parse, you can add a scalable and powerful backend in minutes and launch a full-featured app in record time without ever worrying about server management. Parse offer push notifications, social integration, data storage, and the ability to add rich custom logic to your app’s backend with Cloud Code.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $199/mth


2. KumuloskumulosThe Kumulos backend as a service (BaaS) cloud platform enables app developers like you to to easily integrate cool features into your iOS and Google Android apps. Cloud backend as a service platforms like Kumulos enable app developers to store, manage and access their data via the cloud and enable you to develop backend features for your apps in minutes, rather than weeks.

Link :

Pricing : $10/mth


3. KinveykinveyWith Kinvey, you don’t have to worry about creating backend features, figuring out how to connect your apps to various cloud services or deal with the complexity of accessing enterprise data. Furthermore, the Kinvey platform provides you with a data store, a file store, push notifications, mobile analytics, the ability to run custom code, and more. Kinvey are a complete backend platform delivered to you as a service, so you don’t have to operate, scale, secure or maintain servers for your backend.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $200/mth


4. BackendlessbackendlessBackendless is a development and a run-time platform. It helps software developers to create mobile and desktop applications while removing the need for server-side coding. The platform consists of six core backend services which developers typically spend time implementing for each new applications.

Link :

Pricing : Free 


5. QuickBloxQuickBloxQuickBlox is a suite of services (APIs, SDKs, code samples, admin panel, tutorials) which help digital agencies, mobile developers and publishers to add great functionality to smartphone applications. It works with web and Facebook too but supports all native smartphone features such as push notifications on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).

Link :

Pricing : Free – $1,999/mth


6. ShephertzshephertzShepHertz endeavor is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. All our products focus on making App developer’s life easy and augment their business. ShepHertz App42 Platform consists of App42 Cloud API – BaaS, AppWarp Multiplayer Gaming Cloud Engine, AppWarpS2, Backend PaaS and App42 Gaming PaaS.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $199.99/mth


7. Amazon AWSamazonAmazon Web Services offers a cloud computing solution that provides mobile developers with a flexible, highly scalable, rapidly deployable, and low-cost way to deliver their applications.

Link :

Pricing : 12 Months Trial


8., developed by Exadel, is the first mobile platform that offers a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated backend services and a rich catalog of API plug-ins that dramatically simplify integration with cloud services and enterprise systems. It combines the simplicity of visual development with the power of JavaScript to create cross-platform enterprise apps rapidly. Because the platform is 100% cloud-based, you can focus on creating great applications, while we worry about maintaining the platform.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $135/mth


9. OpenKit.ioOpenKitOpenKit is a set of cross-platform services for game developers. OpenKit makes it easy to integrate social features into your games, such as: Social Leaderboards, Social Challenges (via push notifications), and Smart Invites. OpenKit consists of client SDKs and the OpenKit hosted service. OpenKit is completely open source, including the back end.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $1,000/mth


10. BackBeambackbeamBackbeam provides hosted database, push notifications, real-time API, personalized emails, and much more.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $29.99/mth


11. Google Mobile BackendgoogleThe mobile backend starter sample provides a ready-to-deploy, general purpose cloud backend along with Android and iOS clients with client-side framework classes. Together, these free you from learning how to code for the cloud, so you can focus on your mobile app behavior and UI.

Link :

Pricing : Pay-per-use


12. ApiomatApiomatAPIOMAT simplifies your whole app backend development lifecycle from setting up your data model to adding functionality by including ready-made modules and third party API’s, writing backend logic, and deploying your backeng into our German Publick cloud.

Link :

Pricing : Free – 599€/mth


13. AppacitiveappacitiveDraw and publish your app model into integration ready apis. Use our open source SDKs to integrate with your app without having to change your platform.

Link :

Pricing : $9 – $199/mth


14. KiikiiKii is the only mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) provider that helps developers turn their apps into full-fledged, global businesses. Kii provides cloud-based full-stack mobile backend with all the whistles and bells, complete in-app analytics, ad network partnerships to help you monetize, global distribution partnerships and venture capital for apps with proven user traction.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $199


15. NetmeranetmeraMobile apps need critical yet different care in two phases: During development and after launch. During development you need to be quick to build it before competition and after launch, it should be engaging for your users. Netmera makes both phases very easy by helping you add fabulous features.

Link :

Pricing : Free – 19€/mth


16. ApplicasaapplicasaApplicasa saves you the hassle of managing your user’s registration, virtual currency and device synchronization. By implementing our SDK you get a full hosting service, and a “Backend as a Service”, with which you can create your own database in just a few minutes. Use our API to implement leaderboards, achievements, a-synch multiplayer games mechanics, etc. The Apple & Google in-app purchase framework is an integral part of our SDK so you won’t have to deal with payments and on top of all, we will make sure there are no fraud payments, or cheaters.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $2,699


17. Teleriktelerik
Telerik empowers over one million developers to create compelling experiences across web, mobile and desktop applications. Our end-to-end, adaptive platform uniquely combines industry-leading UI tools with cloud services to simplify the entire software development lifecycle. Telerik platform-based and standalone product modules seamlessly integrate together, and with other popular developer solutions.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $149


18. Microsoft Azuremicrosoft
With Microsoft Azure Mobile Services you can add a scalable backend to your connected client applications in minutes. Windows Azure Mobile Services has SDKs to support Windows, Android, iOS and HTML developers on top of powerful REST APIs, enabling developers to build connected applications across a varied range of platforms and provide a consistent experience across devices. These services can enable a user to toggle between devices and continue where he/she last left off, enabling seamless device transitions.

Link :

Pricing : Free – $15,000++


If you have a site to recommend, please post it on the comment section and I will update it into the list. Enjoy.

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    I am trying to delete items from the listview using selection adapter ..the following is the getView method of the selection adapter


    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

    View v = super.getView(position, convertView, parent);//let the adapter handle setting up the row views

    v.setBackgroundColor(Color.parseColor(“#99cc00″)); //default color

    if (mSelection.get(position) != null) {

    v.setBackgroundColor(Color.RED);// this is a selected position so make it red


    return v;


    But i am getting the following error:

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): FATAL EXCEPTION: main

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): Process: com.ebook.Try, PID: 1293

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: addView(View, LayoutParams) is not supported in AdapterView

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.widget.AdapterView.addView(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at android.widget.ArrayAdapter.createViewFromResource(

    07-08 06:06:44.620: E/AndroidRuntime(1293): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)

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    I’ve been using Kumulos for a while. its easy to use and does what you’d expect it to do. Its also a flat fee so you you know what your costs are going to be… I’d be wary of plans that charge by the API call, costs can get out of hand pretty quickly

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