Android ActionbarSherlock Nested Fragment Tabs Tutorial

  • tam nguyen

    Hi , AndroidBegin
    i’m Tam, I’m from Viet Nam
    i’m asked you.

    i want 1 button in tab1, whe onclick button by send “hello” and open tab2.
    please help me.
    thank you.

  • Richard ‘Beanie’ Bean


    I’m unable to find the FragmentTabHost with:


    I managed to foloow your previous tutorial on getting ActionBarSherlock tabs implemented, but the same project setup cannot find this library. Any thoughts?

    • Ryan Kitlitz

      Make sure the support library is included in your project.

      1. Right click your project, click properties.
      2. Click Java Build Path
      3. Click Libraries
      4. Click Add External Jars
      5. Locate android-support-v4.jar ( [sdk-install-path]/extras/android/support/v4/ )
      6. Click the Order and Export tab
      7. Make sure the checkbox next to android-support-v4.jar is selected.

  • Tiago Morais

    Hi. My child tabs showed above the parent tabs.

  • Basil Benedict Victor

    how can we do this without actionbarsherlock