Android Delete Multiple Selected Items in ListView Tutorial

  • Khắc Phục

    Thanks, I did it!

  • Duy Nguyễn

    Please share link download this app, Thank!

    • Hi, have you tried entering your email address in the box provided ?

      • Duy Nguyễn

        i have seen, Thank very much

  • sunil sarode

    it deleting last row if i select first row

    • mirek

      it’s nice bug …

  • sujith thycattussery

    How to change imageview (flags) dynamically?

  • Wiem

    Hi i can search and delete at the same time?

  • Leto505

    Hello, thank for this tutorial.
    I have one question, how are you change the color of the selected item?

  • Shans

    how to do this same code by extending fragment instead of activity and by in listviewadapter extending baseadapter instead of ArrayAdapter ?? please help… thanks in advance

    • gaurav

      I also have the same question

    • Mickael Burguet

      In a ListFragment, you can get a pointer to the listview by calling the getListView() method.

  • Sneha Shetty

    flag = new int[] { R.drawable.china, R.drawable.india,

    R.drawable.unitedstates, R.drawable.indonesia,

    R.drawable.brazil, R.drawable.pakistan, R.drawable.nigeria,

    R.drawable.bangladesh, R.drawable.russia, R.drawable.japan };

    Im getting error as “R ” cannot be resolved as a variable

    plz folks gv ma a solution

    • Prateek Dwivedi

      Do this, Build -> Clean Project and then try to run your application again. This solved the problem for me.

  • sim

    Hi, I have tried using your code – how do I get the actionbar at the top?

  • dhruvi Shah

    How do i get selected items rank only

    • dhruvi Shah

      i got the solution and very nice work keep it up

  • Sultan Ahmed Sagor

    how are you changing the color of the selected item ?

    • Andrea Zanini

      I managed to change selected color using a selector as drawable for the background of the ListItem
      In the selector I specified :

      Hope it helps you

  • Venkatesh Selvam

    How to show the Specific itemview in this code? (Example if click India, it goes to another activity to show about India details)

  • yaseen

    How remove unselected itmes

  • TEJ

    how do i fetch that selected item from list view and display them in another screen?

  • MK

    how to put select all /unselect all feature in it?

  • Adnan Naeem

    brother ..?

  • Adnan Naeem

    please help i m in much trouble…. here is my project link i also update on stack overflow as u already know project link