Android JSOUP ListView Images and Texts from HTML Tables Tutorial

  • Tatenda Malvin Kabike

    Great stuff i love this blog, keep it up, keep the code fire burning……..

  • Osama Aftab

    Hello app is crashing on click of the listview??

  • xxx

    Nice Tutorial

  • Jayant Usrete

    Great Tutorial! Please do the same tutorial using RecyclerView and CardView..

  • Gia Lin

    sir, how I can get this information and how I must to fix the code from doInBackground function

  • Christian Munch Hammervig

    I Want to put an image from html to a toolbar how can I do that

  • Vinayak Parab

    Great Tutorial Working Well

    how can i add paragraph text instead of word.

    Insted of population i hv description option

    Thank You

  • Gigi Castellana

    Great Tutorial…
    But, if i would take data like “info”, “descProgram”, “time” from a DOM HTML more complex like this, where i could have 20 ol data-channel:

    Rai 1
    TG 1 Notte

    TG 1 Notte

    del 04/03/2017


    iTG 1 Notte

    How could retrieve the data in ArrayList