Android ORMLite with SQLite Database Tutorial

  • Eyad Barham

    thank you very much
    Great taturial

  • Aagrah

    Excellent Tutorial…Explained the concept in great detail.

  • Steve Popoola

    Many thanks for this tutorial. It really helped me know more about ORMLite.

  • Vinayak Khedkhar

    why this line is there in

    public static final String TEACHER_ID_FIELD = “teacher_id”;
    and where it is used?

  • Bell leaf

    Thanks for the article. I have a question. If I have twenty model classes, do I need to deal with twenty different Dao classes in my app and do I need to make twenty calls to the createTable method?


    thanks a lot

  • Thank you so much. I was stuck when using 2 database entities where I had an error using OpenHelperManager object. Furtunately now I have a working code thanks to your code.

  • aan junianto

    Thank you so much. Please give me tutorial. how to get location folder phisical database studentdir.db in android file manager for debugging?