Android SQLite Database Tutorial

  • Ariel

    Hi, i got a virtual table that uses full txt search. Is there a way to find a row with a column that has for example the word ‘orange’, but just writing ‘range’? I know i can use MATCH ‘or*’ but i want to be able to write the end of the word, like MATCH ‘*range’. Thnx

  • Real Muslim

    GOOD … Thanks .. its working like a charm!!

  • Farhaan

    First off, I wanted to really thank you for the awesome tutorials you create! I am creating an app that requires multiple tables in a database. I have seen many tutorials online which do 1 table scenario.

    If I need to do that, should I create multiple DatabaseConnector classes and multiple DatabaseHelper class?

    Can you create a project which uses multiple tables in the near future. Thanks.

  • muhammad saleem ul haq

    Hi, how can i do when launch app it display list when I pinch the list item it strike through(that mean) the task is completed and another I want in edit screen another option is added to view completed task when i click it all show the completed task, please I wait your prompt response.

  • Moises Dominguez

    hey, I think this is the right place, how can I export/import the whole sqlite database with a different format else than xml? can you help me?

  • Andrey


    How can we check if the “Name” record is already exists in database and tell it to user by, for example, toast ?

  • Brian

    I did attempt. By the way, only white screen. What should I do?

  • Stephen Smith

    Nice Tutorial.Really useful to me.Thank you.

  • Shuka

    Great tutorial, thank you! Could someone please tell me how to implement the above with 3 tables? I actually tried but the app crashes.. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • LS-103

    Database disappear when I add new rows and columns