Automatic Call Blocking using Android Telephony Tutorial

  • Sojwal

    Hi. Can you tell me how to build the app? And how to generate .apk ? Do I need to Configure my android studio? how to do it?

  • Mahmoud Mrad

    takes longtime to block

  • Inzi Nasir

    unable to block call.

  • Shreyash Rashinkar

    how to generate aidl file

    • parakh agarwal

      yes! i also need to know the first step!!, can’t get it!!

  • parakh agarwal

    please tell the first step, properly, do i need to create a java class file or aidl file?

  • parakh agarwal


  • Pradeep Kumar Reddy

    how to disconnect call without using ITelephony ? Not able to import ITelephony.
    android studio is not to resolve ITelephony

  • Aurthohin Pavel

    It works in several phones but i am using One Plus X api 23.
    In my phone it doesn’t working. What can i do???

  • Dear CodeDrunk Team,
    Congrats for this great job. Friends, I need 1 more think. I need to take a phone call without do any thing by user. How this autoanswer facility can implement in this code (for not autoblocking numbers). Please advise .. I am looking this for 8 days ..